How Do We Perform Laptop Screen Repairs Brisbane?

A broken screen is one of the most common issues a laptop faces. This is because compared to desktops, we can bring our laptops anywhere we go and thus, make them more prone to damage. Having a broken laptop screen can be frustrating but we face this concern regularly in our shop. We fix all types of laptop screens and we can get you back on track in no time. You can bring your laptop here or you can schedule a home service with us instead. Keep on reading this article to know more about the steps we do when handling laptop screen repairs Brisbane as well as some ways you can prevent having a broken laptop screen.

How Do We Repair a Broken Laptop Screen?

Laptop Screen Assessment

Before taking any step, we have to make sure your screen needs repair. For example, you may have dropped your laptop and after seeing that it doesn’t show any images, you assumed that the screen is broken. Even if it did get a tiny crack, that still isn’t a reason why you’re not getting any image.

If your laptop has a VGA output, we connect it to a desktop monitor or a TV to see if it registers any image. If there’s an image on the external monitor but none on your screen, that’s the time we’ll do laptop screen repairs Brisbane. But if the external monitor still won’t show an image, you may have a broken graphics card or motherboard. In this case, we suggest replacing these parts to solve the problem.

Or maybe you have a faulty inverter. This happens when your laptop screen shows a dull image or the backlight keeps flickering on and off. If this is the case, we’ll replace your inverter and check if it fixes the problem.

Removing the Screws

Once we’ve established that your screen indeed needs replacing, we start by removing the power brick and battery. We then look for the rubber tabs around the frame of the screen.

After finding these, we use a flathead screwdriver to pry them all open to reveal the small screws and begin with our laptop screen repairs Brisbane service. We usually use a tiny, Philips-head screwdriver to remove these screws but if your screen uses Allen screws, then we use Allen screwdrivers instead.

Some laptops may not have any screws at all! In this case, we insert a small, flat tool along the top and the sides of the screen to get started.

Removing the Frame

Once the screws are out, we pull apart the LCD screen and bezel. In most laptops, the frame is secured to the screen with plastic snaps so we’ll know if we pulled them apart correctly if we hear a “pop” sound.

Once we remove the bezel, the LCD screen lies inside another metal frame attached to the back case of the laptop. To remove the frame from the case, we can just pull them apart or unscrew even more screws. When this is done, we remove the final screws attaching the screen to the metal frame.

The LCD screen is finally loose, although it’s still attached to a video cable.

Determining the Part Number

Laptop screen repairs Brisbane can now start once we’ve determined the part number. A part number consists of letters and numbers, like LTN156AT 19-001 or LP254WE2, and can be found at the back of the LCD screen. We need this information to find the right replacement for your screen.

Replacing the Screen

We start by removing the tape holding the video cable to the screen and unplug it gently. We also have to unplug another cord, called the inverter, running from the circuit board. The inverter is the LCD’s power source.

When these are all done, the next thing we have to do is reassemble your laptop.

How Can You Prevent Having Laptop Screen Repairs Brisbane?

laptop screen repairs Brisbane

Invest in a Padded Laptop Sleeve

Or a hard plastic case. This will help protect your laptop and prevent it from getting crushed as you travel from one place to another.

Check Your Surroundings

Avoid placing large and heavy objects near your laptop. You may accidentally hit your screen with them and smash your screen into small pieces.

Lift it from the Bottom

Never lift your laptop by the screen. Pick it up from the bottom and place it gently on the new surface.

Always Place it on a Table

Don’t leave your laptop on the ground or the bed. Someone may accidentally step on it or it might slip off the bed, which can make your laptop screen useless.

Why Should You Choose Our Laptop Screen Repairs Brisbane?

Accidents will always happen. That’s why you should always find ways to prevent them in the first place. But if your laptop screen does break, don’t worry. We here at Core Computers are experienced in laptop screen repairs and we can help get your laptop back to its original shape just by calling us right now!