How Do You Know It’s Time To Visit A Laptop Memory Brisbane Shop?

Personal computers are made up of components that work together to run effectively. This makes them such useful tools. There’s the CPU, GPU, storage, RAM, and all other parts you can think of. In this article, let’s focus more on RAM or Random Access Memory. Not to be confused with storage, it’s responsible for reading and storing data every time you use your PC. Software use RAM to cache, or store data temporarily, so it can retrieve data in an instant. This raises the question: how much RAM do you need? Also, what are signs that you’re running out (and not need a computer repair job in general) and need to drop by our laptop memory Brisbane shop for an upgrade?

How Much RAM Do You Need?

This depends on what type of computer user you are. Here’s what we usually suggest if you’re shopping for a new computer:

Crome OS Users: <4GB

Most computers today come with 4GB of RAM—although the most basic budget models only have 2GB. Only if you’re using Chrome OS, plus are only going to use your PC for minimal browsing and a few Chrome OS and Android apps, then a <4GB system is good enough.

But if you don’t fit those criteria, our computer store won’t recommend it. You won’t be satisfied with the performance.

Productivity Users: 4GB to 8GB

Our laptop memory Brisbane store suggests having at least 4GB if you’re running Windows 10, MacOS, or if you’re a heavy ChromeOS user. This, unsurprisingly, is the common minimum RAM configuration of PCs today.

Having at least 4GB of RAM allows you to load up enough tabs and still have RAM left to open your email, run some applications, and maybe play lighter games. This is why 4GB remains the bare minimum for most laptop users.

The Sweet Spot: 8GB to 16GB

Many applications won’t consume a lot of RAM on their own. However, it’s common for users to open commonly-used programs all at once.

If you’re one of those users, our laptop memory Brisbane store recommends picking a machine with at least 8GB of RAM. This lets you run numerous web applications, open sites that use heavy graphics, and play videos.

Power Users: 16GB to 32GB

Very demanding games, computer-aided design (CAD) solutions, and some apps like the Adobe creativity apps, use a lot of memory by themselves. If you’re regularly using any of these apps, then an 8GB machine might not be enough.

If you know you’ll be opening several apps at once, we highly suggest a 16GB machine. The same goes if you’re a hardcore gamer. A 16GB computer generally offers enough cushion for most users.

When to Visit Our Laptop Memory Brisbane Store for an Upgrade

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RAM can run out with time. Not having enough can lead to a variety of issues, including:

Random Freezing

Does your computer freeze at random times? You may be short on RAM. Insufficient RAM can lead to productivity issues, including the potential to freeze.

Sudden Reboot

This is another sign that you’re short on RAM. This can affect the computer’s performance too, so allow us to have a look to sort things out.

Lag While Typing

This is a clear sign that your computer needs more RAM. Computers should respond almost right away when you press a key. If there’s a delay of even just a few seconds, call our laptop memory Brisbane store immediately.

High Memory Usage

Opening the Task Manager is an easy way to know if you have sufficient RAM or not. Assuming you’re running Windows, just hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Task Manager. If it’s 60% or more, then your system needs more RAM.

Programs and Apps Don’t Respond

Unresponsiveness may indicate that you’re low on RAM. Even if an app or program is already open, it’ll just stop following your commands. You may be able to click some buttons or links in it but you’ll eventually be forced to close it and start all over.

Why Choose Our Laptop Memory Brisbane Shop for Your Upgrade Needs?

Having insufficient RAM can greatly affect your productivity or gaming experience. The bottom line is this: the bigger multitasker you are, the more RAM you need. For more assistance on upgrades, laptop repairs, or IT in general, please don’t hesitate to contact our shop today.