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Are you looking for a computer store in Brisbane? If yes, then head on over to Core Computers today! Founded and located in Albany Creek, we have more than 35 years of experience handling and resolving computer and tech-related issues. With our broad range of knowledge, we already know how different machines work and how to repair them if they get damaged.

Here are some of our specializations and the services we offer:

  • Windows/Microsoft computer Repairs
  • Apple and Mac computer repairs
  • We are an Authorised Epson Printer Repair center
  • We are also an Authorised Brother Printer Repair specialist
  • We specialize in Small Business IT Support

This is a big claim but we know gadgets like the back of our hands so there’s basically no problem we can’t fix. We have a wide range of products and services too, so you can treat us as your one-stop-shop for all your technology needs. Core computers: your “computer store near me” for all your IT and IT support in Brisbane.

computer store near me Brisbane

What Services Must a “Computer Store Near Me” Have?

A good computer shop must be knowledgeable anywhere from computer hardware to software. Here’s a list of services we offer:

First, we provide onsite services with the help of the owner and lead IT specialist Nathan. With over 20 years of experience in the field, he has worked on simple to redundant network systems so there’s nothing much that we can’t do. Our team members have also probably seen all issues possible, which means we can resolve your problems quicker and you’ll be out and about in no time!

We help with data recovery as well. Though we admit this isn’t our strongest point, we have a lot of programs that can help recover files either from USBs, HDDs or flash memory cards. We use the software Boomerang to get your data back quickly and affordably, and it supports FAT, NTFS, Windows 10 and Mac computers. However, we just want to tell you that there’s a limit to what we can do. So if your drives aren’t making weird noises and are still working properly, there’s a big chance that we can help. But if it’s the opposite, we suggest that you still bring your drives here and we’ll recommend a data recovery specialist to help you out.

If you’re looking for a computer store near me that offers network solutions, Core Computers can help with that as well. Whether your desktop or laptop is running on an old or latest model, you can trust us to help sort things out. We can also assist with your wired networks or help you upgrade them into a wireless system, which we think delivers a better solution to homes and businesses of all sizes. Callout fees are waived for customers within Albany Creek, Eatons Hill and Brendale. If you live outside these areas, we may charge a small additional fee so we can get to work right away and deliver the best service possible.

Replacing servers is one of our specializations, too! We have worked with several computer manufacturers and depending on your budget, we can offer Fujitsu, Lenovo or HP servers. We highly-recommend pairing your servers with a maintenance plan as well (which starts at $240/month) to make sure your backups are running, your server has the latest updates and it gets a reboot even outside normal business hours.

Other Services your Local Computer Store Near Me Brisbane Offers

None of us wants our precious devices to be infected with viruses. But, why do we spend most of our time removing malware, CryptoLockers and PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) from our customers’ computers? If you’re seeking for good antivirus programs, we use and highly-recommend ESET antivirus’ paid version. For a free program, you can check out Avast antivirus. To learn more about ESET’s antivirus and their other offerings, you can come by our store or go over their website.

Do you need a new computer but your budget won’t allow it? Then worry no more as we also specialize in system upgrades. We’ve been upgrading systems for our customers for years and maybe just replacing the internal hard drive with a new solid-state drive is all you need—and that means saving you a few dollars, too! Once the machine is running well, we can go ahead and image your drive so you don’t have to work for days getting it back to how it was. Simply visit our workshop today and we’ll see what we can do.

Those are the services we think a computer store near me should offer. If you’re on the lookout for a professional yet affordable IT service provider in Albany Creek, then Core Computers is something you shouldn’t miss. Also, compared to other IT stores, we charge a fixed daily rate rather than an hourly rate because we know system maintenance, system upgrade or accessory repair all take time. So contact us today and let us help you book your first appointment. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff and technicians to assist and help resolve your problem from start to finish.

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