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virus removal Brisbane

Viruses.  What can we say? We hate them as much as you do but we see many machines for computer repairs every week with everything from Crypto Lockers, Pups & Malware. Depending on what your problem depends on how quickly we can restore your machine back to a running state.

We use and recommend Eset antivirus for your paid option and Avast if you’re a home business looking for the quality antivirus program at no cost.  We spend a lot of time removing other antivirus programs from customer’s machines that were of the opinion, they were covered for all the threats. But with many new strands of Viruses & Pups on the internet you need to stay safe.

We have had many systems core in with all kinds of issues that customers assume are viruses. The truth of it is there are many kinds of applications that are “Virus-Like”

Common types of viruses that can cause issues on your computer

57% of the threats affecting your computer security is viruses. Other threats include Trojans, adware, worms, and malware, among others. Now, viruses are still widespread, affecting PC performance.

Viruses are also tools of hackers to gain unauthorized access to your system and steal private information.

According to the Information-Technology Promotion Agency, the number of viruses ballooned to 52,151 in 2004. However, due to certain programs that completely eliminate viruses, their numbers decreased to about 14,000 in 2010.

It is important that you are aware of the different types of viruses that are affecting your computers.

Resident Virus

Resident viruses live in your RAM memory. It can interfere with normal system operation which can lead to the corruption of files and programs.

Multipartite Virus

This type of virus can easily spread in your computer system. It is very infectious, performing unauthorized actions in your operating system, in folders, and other programs on the computer. They have the ability to infect both the executable files and the boots sector.

Executable Viruses

Direct action viruses attack certain types of files, typically .exe and .com files. The main purpose of this virus is to replicate and infect files in folders. On the lighter note, they do not typically delete files or affect PC performance and speed. It can be easily removed by antivirus programs.

Browser Hijacker

This type of virus infects your web browser in which it will bring you to different websites. Typically, if you key in a domain name in the internet address bar, the browser hijacker will open multiple fake websites that may harm your computer. On the other hand, most trusted browsers have built-in features to block them ahead.

Web Scripting Virus

This virus lives in certain links, ads, image placement, videos, and layout of a website. These may carry malicious codes in which when you click, the viruses will be automatically downloaded or will direct you to malicious websites.

Macro Virus

Macro viruses target applications and software that contain macros. These viruses can carry out a series of operations affecting the performance of the program or software.

Polymorphic Virus

Polymorphic viruses use a special method of encoding or encryption every time they infect a system. With this, antivirus software finds it hard to locate then using signature searches. They are also capable of replicating easily. Polymorphic viruses include Satan Bug, Elkern, Tuareg, and Marburg.

Encryption/Ransom Virus

This type of virus uses encrypted malicious codes which make it hard for antivirus software hard to detect. They encrypt your files then ransom the recovery of the files. They can only be detected when they decrypt themselves during replication. Although they don’t delete files or folders, they can badly affect PC performance.

Network Virus

Basically, this type of virus spreads out through the Local Network Area (LAN) and through the internet. These viruses replicate through shared resources, including drives and folders. When network viruses enter a computer, they look for their potential prey. Dangerous network viruses include Nimda and SQLSlammer.


Other threats are not technically called “virus”, but they also have the same damaging effects as viruses. This includes worms, adware, malware, Trojan, and ransomware.

To prevent these viruses from affecting your computer, it is important that you install the best and the most competitive antivirus software that can detect, block, and eliminate all types of computer viruses.

What do we use and recommend

Come in and see us or check Eset’s website for more information about their product. We have not to date had a machine bought into our office that is running Eset Antivirus.

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