When Do You Need To See A Mac Repairs Brisbane Northside Shop?

Apple has been taking the world of electronics by storm. From its phones to its computers, more and more people are making the switch and experiencing the “magic” it offers—which we assume Windows users can’t seem to understand. But no matter how beautiful its computers are, Macs can still encounter a lot of issues that may require the help of our Mac repairs shop. It’s normal to panic once you find out your machine is broken but don’t worry. We’ve been in this business for years and we know how to handle your concern. Here now are the most common Mac issues and a guide on when to visit our Mac repairs Brisbane Northside shop.

Are Macs Better Than A Windows PC?

Of course, “better” is a subjective word. Here are some reasons Mac computers are far more superior than your average laptop:

Macs are Cheaper in the Long Run

Sure, you can buy a Windows PC for a few dollars. However, the real measure of ownership lies not only in how much you acquired it for but the residual value as well. 

This is where Macs win easily. Just compare the value of a Windows PC you bought, say, four years ago, to a 4-year-old Mac. A Windows’ value is close to zero and Macs win by default.

Macs Lack Viruses

A virus-infected Mac is maybe one of the rarest cases we face here in our Mac repairs Brisbane Northside shop. Apple has won a little on this compared to Microsoft and Mac users are living in bliss with the lack of viruses, malware, and spyware.

We’re not saying that you can’t get viruses on Macs. We’re just saying that they’re far less of a problem compared to Windows computers.

Apple Manufactures Hardware and Software

Microsoft manufactures the software. Then, HP, Asus, Dell, and any other manufacturers make the hardware. Then, there are also other manufacturers for the drivers and other computer peripherals. When something goes wrong, everyone points a finger at the other.

When your Mac faces an issue, the problem most often just lies with Apple. Our Mac repairs Brisbane Northside store customers are proof of the professional and friendly service we provide to service their computers.

Cloud and the Time Machine

Not everyone backs up their hard drives but Apple’s Time Machine makes it really simple. All you have to do is hook up your hard drive and turn Time Machine on. And it isn’t only a backup: you can retrieve a file you once deleted, too!

Plus, backing up is even enhanced with the utilization of the iCloud. This is a big plus, especially when people are using and connecting several devices, like iPads and iPhones.

What Common Problems Do Our Mac Repairs Brisbane Northside Solve?

Mac repairs Brisbane Northside

The Charger isn’t Working

Surprisingly, this is a problem many Mac users face. Check your charger for any frayed wires or if they’re well-connected to the computer. The charger tips are magnetic and must fit snuggly to the charging socket on the side of your laptop. 

You can try simple troubleshooting steps, too. Try plugging in your charger in other areas of the house to make sure it’s not an electrical issue. You can try other chargers as well, to see if it’s a problem with the charger and not the computer itself. If these still fail, you may want to visit our Mac repairs Brisbane Northside shop to be sure it’s nothing serious.

Boot Up Issues

A troubleshooting step you can do is to put your MacBook into safe mode by pressing control, alt, option. Hold these keys down while turning your computer on. This will take you to another screen that lets you bypass other problems.

If it doesn’t work, there may be a problem with your OS or other issues we need to assess.

Disappearing Files and Folders

This problem usually happens if there’s a problem with your sync. You probably linked your iCloud account to your Mac, so check your account first to see if the missing files are there.

Double-check your trash too, since you may have deleted them by accident. As we said Mac has a Time Machine function so your missing files are still stored there.

Why Choose Our Mac Repairs Brisbane Northside Shop?

Macs may be known for their impressive specs and hardware but that doesn’t mean they won’t face any problems. If your computer is facing any issue, whether it’s on this list or not, don’t hesitate to call our computer repair store today and allow us to fix it for you!