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computer upgrades Brisbane

Need a faster computer but the budget not allowing for it at the moment, our computer store can help by replacing just a few components in your desktop or laptop Mac or Windows unit to enhance the speed by more than 5 times from only a few hundred dollars. We have been upgrading systems for customers for years and sometimes just replacing the internal hard drive with a Solid State Drive can be just what you need.

So if the machine is running well, We can image your drive so you don’t have to spend days getting it back to the way it was.  These jobs are simple and straight forward and for many of our business customers appreciate the overnight approach to these upgrades. With careful planning, we can get your computer system late in the afternoon and have ready before lunchtime the next day in most cases and a lot of the time before 9:30 am a pickup.

Bring your machine in and let’s see what we can do to help you out. We can make a plan and see it through.

Not all Solid State drives are made equal.

In the early days, Solid State hard drives seemed to boot fast but slow to write data. Some of the early drives had read/write speeds of 400 MB/s /  120 MB/s. Even the 2.5″ Samsung range of drives is only 540 MB/s / 520 MB/s

But the latest evolution of Samsung 970 Evo plus drives have a read/write speed of 3500 MB/s/2800 MB/s. That makes them 6.5 times faster than a standard Solid State. We prefer the Samsung Solid State drives at core computers because of the reliability & significant performance they offer. That’s why they have 6 of the top 10 drives in speed.

If you’ve bought a machine in the past 2 years, there is a chance that you have the ability to use this technology. Many machines we’ve worked on other companies have used the cheaper drives and lost so much possible performance but trying to save the customer $50 – $100 at the time.

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