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For ten years, we’ve helped SMEs and SOHOs in Brisbane manage their IT system with MS Outlook to achieve their goals the smart way. We therefore are specialists in the fields of:

  • Office 365 Installation
  • Outlook and general email solutions
  • IT Consulting
  • Network Solutions for businesses in Brisbane

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Why Would You Need a Business Email Brisbane?

When it comes to business IT, adding your domain to Office 365 gives an all-in-one productivity solution for your business. You’ll experience cloud-based access to the suite of Office 365 tools, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and more.

“Having a professional email address that matches your domain name isn’t just for looks — it’s also to provide you with the productivity tools you need today to prepare and plan for future growth.”

“Professional email address matches your domain name and helps reinforce your business and professional identity. There’s no sending your email to spam this time around because I know exactly who sent it and they will trust your business.”

How Do You Increase Your Business Email Brisbane Productivity?

Outlook has helped a lot of people in terms of handling their email. But, a negative thing about it is it assumes you already know how to organize your stuff for maximum productivity. What if you don’t?

We’re here to help with that. Here are a few tips on email filing:

File Emails Automatically

This function of automatically filing emails allows you to work less and read them all at once with no distraction. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Create a folder by pressing Ctrl + Shift + E
  2. Automate filing into a folder (right-click on an email and choose “Rules,” and then click on “Always Move Messages From”)
  3. Select your new folder

Use “Favorites” to Create a Folder Pane

There were three filing systems during the pre-computer age. While they still apply to today’s modern world, they’ve been lost in the flurry of digital organizing.

Active Files – these are the files that you need at your fingertips (messages from customers, vendors, etc.) So instead of filing them into the A-Z folder system, you can put them in the “Favorites” folder at the top of the Outlook Navigation Pane.

  1. To add a folder to “Favorites,” right-click on a folder and select “Show in Favorites”
  2. Once you’re done with that project, right-click the folder and simply choose “Remove from Favorites”

Inbox Folder System – remember those dreaded heavy, metal drawers? Think of those as this second file system, where folders are automatically alphabetized. But what if you like to cheat and place an “R” folder further up? Simply type a symbol or number in front of the folder name. Remember that symbols and numbers always come first before letters when it comes to computers.

Perennial Files – these are your “forever” files, or the ones you don’t delete. These may be your tax records, company files, contracts, etc. These “Archive” folders are found at the bottom of the navigation pane.

Use Shortcuts

Another rule of productivity is to type less by using more shortcuts. Here are some options that you can easily apply:

  1. Ctrl + R to reply to an email
  2. Ctrl + Shift + M to create a new email
  3. Ctrl + 1 to open an email
  4. Ctrl + 2 to open your calendar
  5. Ctrl + 3 to open your contacts
  6. Ctrl + 4 to open your tasks

Drag and Drop

The third rule of productivity: be willing to learn new tricks! These not-so-popular methods can surprise even the pros:

An email needs a task or follow-up (that is, when a contact needs to be made or an appointment is required based on the information in the email)? Try the following:

  • Drag and Drag – click and drag an email and drop it onto the “Contacts” icon of the navigation bar on the bottom left. Doing this will give you a new contact with the name and email address entered automatically.
  • Drag and Drop – you can also use this method to create an appointment. Simply drag and drop an email to the desired date—it even keeps all the details from the email so you don’t have to type it again!
  • Drag and drop – again, drag and drop an email onto the “Notes” or “Tasks” symbols on the navigation bar.
  • Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) – need to create a contact within seconds? Just copy and paste to get the signature line items into the right fields in the new contact window.

View the Inbox and Calendar Side-by-Side

Move the “Calendar” onto your second monitor to view both screens side-by-side.

  1. Right-click any of the buttons on the navigation pane (found on the bottom.)
  2. Select “Open In New Window”
  3. Drag and reposition that new window onto your second monitor

Why Choose Us as Your Business Email Brisbane Provider?

We have been a Microsoft partner for many years. Many of the once difficult to manage hosts have come into line and will work with us to get you onto the best platform available. Microsoft has always dominated the email hosting platform for large enterprise, but for the past 10 years has been making life easier for SME & SOHO businesses to have access to the same platform.

Microsoft 365 has a few versions but we have found for 90% of our customers use a combination of them.

Microsoft 365 business premium and Microsoft 365 Business essentials can service your entire small business for a great price. You can change the plan to monthly to keep your initial outlay to a minimum.

So call or email us to find out more.

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