Have you been searching or thinking of a reliable place to get a computer system, repairs, and accessories, we want to be you favorite tech spot in Brisbane and believe a visit to Brisbane Computer Store might be just what you need for your next tech upgrade.

What to expect when you walk into  Brisbane Computer Store

PC Repairs

We offer repair services for both Macbook and also Windows Os supported PCs. We work on both desktop and laptops, new models and old models, and other computer-related accessories. No matter the faults, our computer geeks at Brisbane Computer Store are capable of attending to your needs and questions.

Some of the PC repairs include:

  • Hardware repairs
  • Software repairs
  • Exposure to liquid. Water
  • Replacement of worn-out parts

PC Upgrades

Have you heard about a PC upgrade? You can enhance the speed and storage capacity of your system when you visit Brisbane Computer Store.

Some of our upgrades are not limited to hardware, software, and firmware upgrades.

Hardware upgrades can include:

  • installing auxiliary memory (RAM)
  • adding larger hard disks
  • renewing microprocessor/graphics cards

Software upgrades can include:

  • installing new versions of software
  • changing the versions of an operating system,
  • Installing an antivirus program
  • Install other tools like Office 360, Corel draw, etc.

Firmware upgrades can  include:

  • updating of the iPod control cards
  • revamping the Xbox 360 dashboard
  • remodeling the non-volatile flash memory contianing your portable operating system setupsData Recovery, Backup, and Cloud Support

The fear of every computer user is losing their files either by it getting corrupted or deleted unknowingly. Imagine your hard disk containing close to 1 terabyte just wiping off suddenly. Yes, we understand how devastating it can be.

Next time something of such happens, we have got you covered. Walk into any of our Brisbane Computer Stores and explain to our technicians . They have the best tools for data retrieving.  They will also give you necessary advice that can prevent such from happening in the future

Some of the ways to avoid data loss in the future include:

  • Opting for backup
  • Integrating cloud support

If there is a need to replace any accessory such as the hard disk, they can recommend it during the consultation.

Virus Protection and Removal

A system attacked by a virus exhibits some of these signs:

  • Slow internet experience
  • A periodic unprovoked pop-up window
  • Missing files and programs
  • Regular system crash/ error messages
  • Unusual activities, such as password change, mass email are being sent from your email, startup of unknown programs, etc.

A virus could be the cause of these strange activities. At Brisbane Computer Store, Our computer geeks will explain every available that best fits your case. They will also recommend this best preventive measure which involves the use of Anti Virus.

Computer Accessories Replacement

At Brisbane Computer Store, we provide varieties of computer accessories for purchase. These accessories are obtained directly from the manufacturers. Hence, they are of good quality. You can get them at an affordable rate. We also have a warranty on products purchased from our stores.

Why Choose Brisbane Computer Store?

●     Certified and Qualified Computer

At the Brisbane Computer Store, our computer geeks are well trained and certified. If you feel there is a need to verify our certification and license, you can request it from our customer care service. Our geek’s certifications are always up to date.

  • Diversity In Services

At our Brisbane computer sstore, we can resolve whatever issue you might encounter. Either it is hardware, software, or firmware issues.  We will provide you with a solution in any area in regards to your PC. It is one strong reason to choose us.

  • Reliable Schedules

We, at Brisbane Computer Store, are reliable and efficient in our dealings. We can repair your device immediately on demand, although at a fee. We have plans that work for all customers.

  • Cost-effective Option

We understand your financial needs: that is why we have the best plans that can fit every purpose. Brisbane Computer Store ensures the prices on our services are pocket friendly.


Visit Brisbane Computer Store today to request our service or contact us to fix an appointment. We promise you that you will be satisfied and impressed with our services.