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Your laptop faced a hardware or software issue? Don’t worry! We at Core Computers offer quality yet affordable laptop repairs to get your laptop up and running in no time.

  • Laptop screen repairs
  • Speed improvement of your Laptop (various options) 
  • Laptop keyboard repair
  • Laptop Power Jack Repair
  • Laptop cleaning services
  • Laptop Fan Repair or replacement
  • Hard drive repairs and upgrades for Laptops
  • Printer Installation and Repair

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laptop repairs Brisbane

Most laptop problems can be divided into two types: hardware and software failures. Software issues are much easier—you can simply reinstall the operating system and you’re done. On the other hand, hardware issues can be trickier to solve since it may involve the CPU, hard disk, memory, or even the screen. Whatever it is, you need a reliable laptop computer repair shop to find a solution and fix those problems for you. If you happen to live in the Brisbane and Brisbane Northside area, you’re in luck. We’re more than happy to serve you and are eager to be your next laptop repairs Brisbane shop.

What Laptop Repair Services Do We Offer?

Whether it’s a software or hardware problem, Core Computers can help with the following:

Laptop Keyboard Repair or Replacement

Missing or sticky keys? Core Computers offers keyboard replacement at an affordable cost compared to our competitors. This service is only done by qualified, experienced professionals who can work on MAC or Windows laptops. This is a quick and convenient service and we don’t outsource this repair job.

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop screen damaged or cracked? Here at Core Computers, we make sure our laptop screen repair service is quick, and we can often replace a broken screen on the same day. As your laptop repairs Brisbane, we can guarantee that we only use new, top-grade screens for your satisfaction.

Laptop Power Jack Repair or Replacement

Laptop dead or not starting? Don’t worry. Our service will get your machine up and running again in no time. We provide efficient, fast, and cost-effective laptop jack repair service so call us right away to get your problem fixed.

Laptop Cleaning Service

Make sure your laptop’s health is always at its best with our laptop cleaning service. We offer same-day repair for all makes and models.

Our laptop fan cleaning service is crucial for your equipment’s health. Fans are responsible for cooling the vital components inside the case. Contact this laptop repairs Brisbane provider if your laptop is more than two years old and has never had the fans cleaned.

Laptop Fan Repair or Replacement

Cooling fan stopped working? Give us your laptop and us to have a look.

A working cooling fan is an essential part of your laptop’s heat removal system. Its role is to remove the hot air generated by the processor and other parts. Since everything in the laptop is packed tightly, a damaged or broken fan is a critical issue. Once the cooling system fails, an expensive laptop can be garbage just like that. Bring in your machine to this laptop repairs Brisbane center to prevent that from happening.

Slow Laptops

After a while, your laptop can start getting slower than it used to. With laptop prices so low, it’s tempting to throw away your old model and invest in a new one. The truth is, cheap laptops are generally slow laptops and your old model might even run faster than them.

Bring in your laptop and we’ll see what we can do. Maybe with some upgrades and by removing redundant software, your old laptop may end up quite as good as before. So stop dealing with a slow laptop—allow us to help you so it can be (as) good as new.

Why Choose Us as Your Laptop Repairs Brisbane Center?

Core Computers should be your only choice for your laptop needs because of our over 35-year experience. With our extensive knowledge, we can proudly say that we’ve seen it all and there’s no problem we can’t fix. Our expert technicians and knowledgeable staff will work through your issue with such competence to make you feel you’re in the right hands. What’s more is we’re fully-equipped so we can work on your problem right away—and have your laptop fixed on the same day! Simply come visit our shop or call us once something wrong happens so we can check on it as quickly as possible.

What are the Customers Saying about this Laptop Repairs Brisbane Shop?

We don’t like to brag so we’ll just let the reviews on our social media sites do all the talking. We believe that customer service has a huge impact on a company’s reputation, so we aim to deliver the best and most professional service to every client. With our competent staff and crew, we make sure to repair all your laptop concerns with high quality but with affordable rates. We provide local laptop repairs in Brisbane and the Brisbane Northside area so if your laptop isn’t working to your expectation, just give it to us and we’ll fix and repair all the bugs to make it work as you need. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us and make us your next laptop repairs Brisbane shop!

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