Is It Worth It To Fix My Laptop?

Laptops break: that’s inevitable. While you know nothing lasts forever, a broken laptop is a bit more heartbreaking since you know that repairing it can cost a lot. However, whenever your laptop breaks, you might be faced with the question of whether it’s still worth saving or not. Do you continue spending money to get it fixed or is it better to buy a new one? Here at Core Computers, we get this question a lot. Though we do repair laptops regularly, we’re also here to tell if buying a new machine is more cost-effective in the long term. Keep on reading this article if you’re also thinking of whether you should buy or ask us to fix my laptop instead.

Determine the Problem

When your laptop breaks, the first step is to identify what the problem is. The internet is your best friend here. You can simply type the symptoms, do some research, and you’ll at least have an idea of what’s exactly wrong with your machine.

If you don’t have a firm grasp of technology, you can ask a family or friend for help! If all else fails, you can always come to us and let us assess your laptop. After identifying what’s wrong with your laptop, you may want to consider the following before making a decision:

Repair Costs

If you want to fix my laptop, think about how much you’re going to spend. A good rule of thumb is if a repair costs more than ⅓ the price of buying a new one, then don’t bother. Another way to look at this is to figure out how much different the laptop you’re eyeing is from the current one. Is it lighter, does it have a better battery, is it faster, etc.?

Age of the Laptop

Anything less than 2 years old is still a good candidate for repairs. If it’s somewhere between 3 to 4 years, you can go either way: this is where checking new laptops helps. But if your current laptop is 5 years old or more, asking us to fix my laptop is no longer worth it.

The Severity of the Problem

If it’s just a hard drive failure, we can still help get your laptop fixed. But if it’s something as bad as your logic board being busted, having us repair it probably isn’t feasible.

Laptop Warranty

If your laptop is still under warranty, then repair costs may still be covered. If the warranty has expired, some manufacturers offer the option where you can extend the warranty for free (given it just expired) or for a small fee.

Bottom line is, never spend on repairs unless you’re 100% sure that your laptop is no longer covered.

Fix My Laptop: What to Consider

fix my laptop

Say you’ve done your research, computed the figures, and decided to have your laptop fixed. Great! Here are some questions you may want to ask before proceeding with the repair:

What is Your Warranty on Repairs?

A reliable computer repair shop always offers a 90-day warranty. Meaning, if your laptop breaks again within the 90-day period, we’ll gladly fix it again.

How Much Time Do You Need to Repair My Laptop?

While most of our laptop repairs only last a few hours, some repairs take longer than the others. If this happens, can you manage a week or more without your laptop? Do you have other computers you can use while we’re repairing your machine?

Will You Perform Backups?

Deciding to fix my laptop is pretty risky: like, what will happen to your important files? Here at Core Computers, we always make sure to do backups so you don’t have to worry about losing your files.

How Secure is Your Shop?

Sadly, most computer shops have poor security measures that thieves can enter easily. You may want to look into this aspect when picking a computer repair shop.

How are Your Online Reviews?

You do this when choosing a restaurant, movie, etc.—so why not do it before choosing a PC repair shop? Core Computers has been providing superior and quality service to our customers for many years. Feel free to check our online reviews to gauge our professionalism.

Why Our Shop for Your Fix My Laptop Concerns?

There are many factors involved when deciding whether your laptop is worth repairing or not. But as long as you follow these steps, reaching a decision won’t be that hard! If you need help with laptop repairs, setting up your network, or IT consulting, go ahead and contact us today and we can get you up and running again in no time.