Why Choose Core Computers As Your Next Business IT Support Company?

Choosing the right IT support company is one of the keys to success of every business. In this day and age, relying solely on old business strategies isn’t enough because everything is practically done online. If you’re looking for true improvement, you should also update your IT strategies for optimal growth. We at Core Computers don’t just do computer repairs: we offer business IT support as well, to help your business stay productive, competitive, and updated on the latest trends to keep you ahead of the competition. You may have heard of IT support companies before, yet decided not to get one. In this post, we’ll discuss what we are, what we do, and what to expect once you’ve chosen a business IT support team.

What is an IT Support Company?

business IT support

An IT support company is composed of professional IT specialists who make up your business’ core IT team. They offer you expert management advice based on your information technology needs.

Our IT team is an expert in general computer systems, networking, hardware, cloud platforms, and various software applications. Each member of our team has their area of expertise too, and with their knowledge combined, our team can offer you a wide range of IT support services that cover almost all the demands your business may have.

We’re usually on-call technicians who offer first-hand support by phone or email for difficulties you may experience. But of course, this isn’t all we are. Our business IT support team mainly work in the following ways:

We Fix Immediate IT Problems

Let’s say your business encountered a network or server failure. Our IT support company will be notified immediately, telling us that something is wrong. We will then analyze, diagnose, and solve the issue as quickly as possible. Our goal is to give you minimal to zero downtime so that you don’t lose business every time there’s an IT crash.

Another example where our team caters to your immediate needs is when you contact us for an IT question or some IT assistance. In this case, we’ll give you a ticket number that will be prioritized by our business IT support helpdesk accordingly. Our technician will then contact you as soon as we become available, and we even work remotely or send an on-site technician to your location depending on the type of assistance you need!

We Implement Preventative Measures

Core Computers’ IT support team is are also responsible for making IT strategies that work with your business strategies. We aren’t only about fixing the technical stuff: we also create intelligent IT solutions for your present and future business needs. Our aim is to boost your productivity and efficiency so your business can earn more and have higher customer satisfaction ratings.

We’re also tasked to come up with plans to prevent things from going wrong. For example, our business IT support team make sure to provide several data backup solutions so in case a failure happens, your business won’t lose any essential information and you can instantly be back in action.

Other preventative services we offer also include:

  • Cloud Backup – a secondary location that stores a copy of your virtual files in case of an emergency or equipment failure.
  • Network Security – protects your computer systems from online threats and viruses.
  • Server Virtualization – using software to divide a physical server into several isolated and unique virtual servers so they can operate independently.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan – a detailed plan to execute a business’ disaster recovery processes, and recover and protect your IT infrastructure in times of disasters.

What Services Do Our Business IT Support Team Provide?

business IT support

Here are some services you can expect if you decide to work with us:

Network Services

Your business’ operations highly depend on the installation, setup, and management of a centralized network. These tasks form a huge portion of the work done by our IT support team.

A well-designed network allows authorized members of your team to access company data easily. Our IT support team makes sure to monitor the network 24/7 to see if it’s operational, and optimizes its efficiency and up-time. Wes offer network security protocols too, to defend your system from potential spyware, viruses, and hackers.

Infrastructure Management

Having extensive knowledge about hardware and software applications is a must for a business IT support team.

You can count on our IT support team to install security features, solve software patches, and add all necessary features to your team’s workstations.

Additional Services

Besides software and hardware support, Core Computers’ IT support team can also offer other technology services like social media marketing and email management if needed.

If you look at the number of customers they can potentially reach, social media and email are no doubt the easiest and most cost-effective forms of marketing. We may also offer these services and we’ll help you build email and social media accounts, create compelling content, and analyze, evaluate, and change data for the success of future campaigns.

What to Expect After Hiring a Business IT Support Company

Once you decide to work with us, you now have to create and pick the right service package suitable for your business. Don’t worry: we will advise you on which services your business needs and we will also help you in developing the ultimate business IT strategy.

We at Core Computers have helped small businesses all over Brisbane grow and succeed by offering exceptional IT support. Simply share your vision with us and we’ll try our best to turn it into reality. We make sure to observe your network ‘round the clock and act as fast as possible in the event something goes wrong. Just focus on making your business profitable, and leave the technical stuff to our business IT support team.