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If you’ve been shopping around for a new computer, chances are you’ve come across the terms “workstation” and “gaming computer.” While there is a considerable difference between the two, their marketing can make it challenging to understand the types of hardware used. And though the main difference lies in how you use your PC, some go far beyond that. One of our specializations here at Core Computers is building your own gaming PC to satisfy your gaming needs: whether you’re a casual or heavy gamer. We have the latest and most powerful parts and components to truly make us your go-to gaming computers Brisbane shop.

Workstations vs. Gaming Computers


These are computers mainly used by professionals, especially those who do computer-intensive tasks. Say you’re an engineer who runs 3D modeling software or a graphic artist rendering animations. Whatever the case, if you need a more powerful machine compared to an average PC, then a workstation is what you need.

A powerful processor and sometimes more RAM are two of the most common differences between a workstation from your regular computer. Some may have better build as well, either to prevent one part from bottlenecking another or to make the computer more durable.

Gaming Computers

These computers are stronger than an ordinary computer. Because modern games require a much higher technical specification, you need a powerful gaming PC with more powerful components than a non-gamer may need.

Running games is a very specific process and gaming PCs are specifically built around those needs.

What To Look for in Gaming Computers Brisbane

gaming computers Brisbane

While both powerful PCs, here are the main differences between a workstation and a gaming computer:


Both kinds of machines come with powerful CPUs. However, workstations usually only use processors optimized for parallel processing, which aren’t necessarily suitable for gaming PCs. If you’re looking for a gaming PC, you’re going to need more than that.

A top-shelf gaming PC CPU can cost $300 while chips for workstations can cost anywhere near $2000! The difference? Consumer-grade CPUs have 4-6 cores with cache size proportional to the number of cores. So, if your workstation has a 32-core CPU, you need a huge cache size to match.

And more cores don’t always mean better. To use these cores effectively, programmers still have to write software to utilize them. When quad-core processors were first introduced, little to no games supported 4 core processors. While this has changed, the same problem will arise when it comes to processors with a huge number of cores.

Imagine a 20-core gaming computers Brisbane with each running at 2.0 Ghz and another 2-core processor with each running at 2.1 Ghz. Surprisingly, the former will perform worse at running any games because having 20 cores isn’t enough: you need to have matching software to take advantage of each one.

Since game developers are crafting their code to support 4-6 cores, there’s no use buying a gaming PC with a large number of processors. You’ll only end up spending more for virtually no advantage and you may even experience performance losses.


Its graphics processing unit is the main component of a gaming PC. While the GPU is just as important to workstations as it is to gaming computers Brisbane, these workstation-specific GPUs have a bigger video memory, are made especially for GPU-oriented software rather than gaming, and have higher clock speeds.

While workstation GPUs can be turned into gaming, they’re not optimized for those tasks and will encounter problems along the way.


Gaming computers with 8GB RAM is the standard nowadays and it’s enough to ensure that games run smoothly. On the other hand, workstations often need a large amount of RAM for data-intensive processing. For example, ordinary workstations have 32 to 64GB of RAM while high-end workstations carry up to 128GB or more.

Sound and Motherboard

Workstations care less or don’t care at all when it comes to sound: but this isn’t the case for gaming computers Brisbane. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, your motherboard should have an audiophile-type construction. Meaning, it should have gold-plated I/O contacts and filtered power for an attached digital audio converter.

Speaking of motherboards, workstation motherboards usually have a better build and are unlocked for times that you need more RAM. The chipset, however, isn’t really anything remarkable.


Workstations have a “professional feel.” Meanwhile, gaming PCs may come with cases with windows, RGB LED lights, anti-vibration mounts for fans, rubber gaskets to reduce vibration from hard drives, and other customizable features that can make your machine look prettier and stand out.

Why Choose Us as Your Gaming Computers Brisbane Shop?

Gaming computers and workstations are two of the most common types of computer. Both are powerful but you can’t necessarily substitute one for the other. There’s a reason why gamers use gaming PCs and workstations are left to professionals.

If you’re looking to enter the world of gaming, we encourage you to come and visit our store today. We have pre-built and customizable gaming PCs that will surely meet all your needs.