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Probably the biggest advantage of building your PC is that you get to decide which components go inside your system. Because there are different types of computer users, building your PC lets you design your computer based on your needs. We here at Core Computers are committed to making our customers happy and are happy to build your computer for you. Just choose whatever hardware you want and leave the building and assembly to us. We make sure to always involve you in the building process as well, for you to get the machine of your dreams. Looking for a PC builder Brisbane shop? Then come and visit our computer shop today!

Building a PC: What Do You Need?

Whether you’re planning to build a gaming or home office PC, the parts will remain the same. Here’s a little break down of the parts you’ll need:


This is where all the other computer components are plugged in. Think of this as a highway they use to communicate and collaborate. Motherboards come in various shapes and sizes but they have the same function.

Processor (CPU)

The brain of your computer, the CPU is perhaps the most important part of your system. But as your PC builder Brisbane, despite this “reputation,” we won’t necessarily suggest getting the most expensive one because the price has nothing to do with its performance.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

This special type of processor is designed to handle visual data, such as the graphics in games. This is why GPUs are a must if you’re planning to build a gaming PC. However, these can also be helpful if you’re into photo and video editing or other graphics-intensive tasks.


This is like your computer’s wardrobe. Files, media, documents—everything—are stored here. How much you need will depend on the size of the files you typically save, although you can always add more later.

Memory (RAM)

As a PC builder Brisbane, we notice how most customers seem to interchange storage and memory. To make things clear, RAM is like scratch paper—it’s short term. It’s important, though, because software uses it to cache, or store data temporarily, so it can retrieve it much quicker.

Power Supply (PSU)

This is a small box that supplies electricity to your computer’s components and determines how fast and powerful it can be. Fast PSUs generally have more power and we suggest getting more than you need.


This is exactly what it sounds like. It may look cool on the outside but it’s just a metal box inside that holds everything together.

Operating System

Of course, when building a PC, an OS doesn’t come with it yet. Buy a license from your preferred vendor and have a USB key to install it.

How Does a PC Builder Brisbane Put It All Together?

PC builder Brisbane

Installing the CPU

Depending on which brand you buy, your CPU may have little prongs or golden contacts on one side. 

We’ll then ensure that the processor socket is unlocked. Once unlocked, we’ll find which corner of the CPU has a little gold triangle and align it with the part of the socket with the same symbol. When the CPU is in place, we flip the latch gently to hold it in place.

After installing the CPU’s heat sink and making necessary adjustments, the first (and the most difficult) part of the entire process is finally done!

Installing the Motherboard and Power Supply

Our PC builder Brisbane technicians will then place and screw the motherboard in the case. Then, we’ll look for an empty square spot to slot and screw in the power supply. 

Installing the Storage and RAM

The vertical slots beside the CPU are where your sticks of RAM go in. For the storage, we’ll simply look for a slot in front of the case and slide it in and screw it in place.

Installing the Graphics Card

The GPU is the largest of all the components so space will be tight once it’s in place.

What we do is look for a horizontal slot with small latches beside it, near the bottom or middle of the motherboard. We fasten the GPU there using the tiny screws that are also included near the HDMI ports.

Lastly, we hook the motherboard into all the devices using the cables that come with your PSU, plug the motherboard into the case, install your OS, and your computer is complete!

Why Choose Core Computers as Your PC Builder Brisbane?

Building a PC from scratch is pretty easy. But if your assembly skills aren’t that good and you simply need more help, we’re more than happy to assist you. Just head over to our shop and allow us to help build your dreams. We have accessory parts too, like printers and webcams, to complete your overall experience.