Keep your Computers Clean

19 May 2019

Even in the cleanest of machines,  one of the biggest issues we see with systems coming into the shop of late is Dust environments the inside of your computer can get hot and cause damage to the internal working of your system. Laptops in particular have a smaller area to work with when it comes to cooling down your CPU & Video card, so the small hairs from your pets or dust from your desk build up inside your machine. This can make your unit unstable or hot. Your computers work best between 45 & 50 degrees Celcius.  

In general, you should consider 60 degrees Celcius the absolute maximum for long periods, but aim for 45-50 degrees to be safe. Thermal paste in your machine will dry out over time and this will decrease its performance, causing your machine to get even hotter. If you continue to use your machine in this range you will reduce the lifespan of your system in years.

Every machine can be pulled apart and cleaned and this should be done annually for best performance, as thermal paste ranges in quality and price. A good compound is about $1.50 per ml.: yes that’s $1,500 per litre, so stop complaining about the price of petrol & milk! The big brands don’t use the expensive quality cooling paste, and is why 90% of laptops have a 12-month warranty. It’s a good idea when the unit hits that 12 month age to bring it in for a cooling system overhaul.

After cleaning the system your cooling system, we then go through and replace thermal pastes inside the machine and put everything back together to test. We have noticed in some machines after we have cleaned a drop in running temperature of up to 10 degrees and that is huge! Depending on the brand and model, this can cost between $90 & $180.

Think about how you operate in a very hot or highly air-conditioned room. Too hot or too cold and you just can’t get it done. Hope this helps.

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