Domain and 365 Email Hosting

Dreamscape \ Crazy Domain’s

We have teamed up with Crazy Domains via Dreamscape to host your domain and Websites. In the past we have referred this work and we still do for large jobs, but if your after a basic get your business up and running website, Still built on WordPress we are here to help with Websites from $300 and Domain hosting from as little as $14.99 per year.

Now i hear you say that’s cheap, but it actually the price that Crazy Domains will charge you for the hosting, but then we are here to help not take all of your money.

Microsoft 365 Email

Adding your domain to Office 365 provides an all-in-one productivity solution for your business. You’ll experience cloud-based access to the suite of Office 365 tools, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and more.

“Having a professional email address that matches your domain name isn’t just for looks — it’s also to provide you with the productivity tools you need today to prepare and plan for future growth.”

“Professional email address matches your domain name and helps reinforce your business and professional identity. There’s no sending your email to spam this time around because I know exactly who sent it and they will trust your business.”

We have been a Microsoft partner for many years. Many of the once difficult to manage hosts have come into line and will work with us to get you onto the best platform available. Microsoft has always dominated the email hosting platform for large enterprise, but for the past 10 years has been making life easier for SME & Soho business to have access to the same platform.

Microsoft 365 has a few versions but we have found for 90% of our customers a combination of

Microsoft 365 business premium $228 per year and Microsoft 365 Business essentials $93 per year can service your entire small business. If you have over 5 years we can change the plan to monthly to keep your initial outlay to a minimum.

so call or email us to find out more.