Need Help Setting Up Your New Webcam Brisbane? We Can Help!

Many laptops come with an integrated webcam…and we can all agree that the quality is just awful. This is probably why you decided on purchasing an external one. Whether you need it for school, webinars, or business meetings, webcams are a great help especially today when meeting face-to-face isn’t the best idea. With several years of experience in the IT market, Core Computers has helped a lot of customers install their webcams either for personal or professional use. But can you just buy any webcam that catches your eye? In today’s blog, let’s talk about what to consider when choosing a webcam and why you should consider us if you need help setting up your webcam Brisbane.

What are the Types of Webcam You Can Choose From?

Webcams are amazing devices that let you meet someone from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. They can be divided into two types:

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Professional Webcams

These webcams are used for recording broadcast-quality videos or for online streaming. They’re more expensive too, since they come with more superior features—with the difference you can really tell in terms of video quality.

  1. Go for a webcam that offers the fastest frame rate within your budget. This makes sure that the video looks silky-smooth. We recommend choosing a 30fps webcam Brisbane.
  2. A Full HD webcam allows you to capture clear and crisp video footage. A fast auto-focus feature is a nice addition too, and will help you make better videos.
  3. Opt for webcams that have pan and tilt functions that you can control directly from your computer. Since you don’t have to touch the camera while recording, this can help improve the quality of your output.

Amateur Webcams

These devices are usually used for taking photos, video recording, and video communication. They are easy-to-use and relatively cheaper since they don’t come with high-end features.

  1. We recommend shopping for a webcam Brisbane with a built-in microphone. While this isn’t necessary, having one will save you from the hassle of installing a separate mic.
  2. You should also check the resolution. We recommend at least 640×480 pixels, and an HD or Full HD is always preferred.
  3. As mentioned, you can use your webcam to capture stills. The general rule is the higher the megapixel count, the better. If using the webcam as a camera, we suggest a minimum of 5MP.

We suggest buying a desktop webcam if you have a desktop computer. It usually looks like a sphere with the lens located in the front.

Meanwhile, choose a mobile webcam if you own a laptop computer. It looks like a small, flat box and can be easily put in your laptop bag’s pocket when traveling.

What to Look for When Buying a Webcam Brisbane

Here are some essentials to look for when shopping for a new webcam:

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A high-resolution webcam is always a must. Settling with a low-resolution one will result in grainy images. Most modern webcams only support high-definition video capture. We at Core Computers recommend a video capture resolution of at least 720p, but a 1080p webcam is becoming more common and surprisingly more affordable.

Frame Rate

A high frame rate is crucial as well. If your webcam doesn’t have a high frame rate, your videos may stutter and constantly freeze on the screen. A minimum of 15fps is enough for video streaming, but we highly-recommend a webcam Brisbane that’s 30fps or higher.


The type of lens determines your webcam’s performance. Entry-level webcams have plastic lenses, but we advise sticking with models that have glass lenses. These highly improve performance without significantly affecting the price!

Megapixel Count

If you wish to double your webcam as a camera, the MP count is also essential. A 5MP webcam is common, but anything higher is better.


An integrated microphone is another basic feature. Webcams with two or more microphones have also become more and more common. There are even Omni-directional ones than can record from all directions of the camera!

Why Choose Core Computers for Your Webcam Brisbane Installation Needs?

External webcams can be considered as a luxury. However, they can greatly help improve the quality of your work—especially now that communicating through the internet seems to be the new norm. And, in addition to the features above, it’s important that your new webcam is compatible with your OS to ensure that it runs flawlessly.

Once you’ve checked all the specs and bought your new webcam, call Core Computers if you need help installing your new device. Our expert and experienced computer technicians are always available and ready to serve so you can truly enjoy your new webcam Brisbane.