What Issues Can Our Mac Repairs Brisbane Northside Shop Fix?

The MacBook is a great piece of technology: it works well and can last long if you properly take care of it. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and it will likely experience some problems with time. And, if you use your Mac to finish your office or school work, we know how frustrating it is when it suddenly crashes while you’re in the middle of doing something. But don’t worry! We are here to help. Today, we’ll be talking about the most common Mac issues and what we can do to fix them. Whether your device is no longer under warranty or you just find going to a Power Mac Center expensive, make Core Computers your trusted Mac repairs Brisbane Northside shop to rid you of any hassle.

What are Some Signs Your Mac Might Have a Problem?

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It Suddenly and Frequently Restarts

These, specifically those that come with an onscreen warning, are called kernel panics. If you’re familiar with Microsoft products, this is Apple’s equivalent of the “Blue Screen of Death.” You will also often see the message “Your computer was restarted because of a problem” once your computer reboots.

Kernel panics can be caused by a lot of things. They can mean that there’s a hardware problem, such as the CPU or RAM, or it may be caused by an unreliable peripheral connected to your Mac. Sometimes, it can simply be a matter of low disk space.

We recommend bringing your machine to us right away if kernel panics happen too frequently (several times a week.)

It Freezes and Apps Crash

Does your computer freeze for no reason? Do apps suddenly crash, become unresponsive or sluggish? Are you frequently greeted by the spinning pinwheel of death?

Several factors can lead to these issues, but the most common one is having a low disk space. This is especially true once you wake it from Sleep mode. Storage and memory problems, or simply when your Mac bites off more than it can chew, may also be a culprit.

It Doesn’t Boot

We panic when our devices don’t boot properly. You might see a blank screen with a question mark, a plain grey or black screen, or even an error message about an issue your computer has.

This is something your Mac repairs Brisbane Northside shop should check. It can be caused by a malfunctioning cable, the SMC (System Management Controller,) or even an OS upgrade was done incorrectly. Our computer repair technicians are highly-trained for scenarios like these that we can have your device fixed in no time.

It Constantly Overheats

When a Mac overheats, it’s pretty obvious because it will feel hot. Other signs include thermal throttling (when the MacOS limits your CPU’s speed to make lesser heat) and random restarts.

Overheating can mean two things: you’re probably using your computer in very hot locations or worse, it can indicate a more serious issue inside the system. Using your Mac despite temperature or internal cooling problems will only make things worse.

Heat and hardware don’t mix, so have it checked by your Mac repairs Brisbane Northside shop right away.

It Won’t Shut Down Properly

A computer that won’t shut down isn’t as concerning as one that won’t start. But if this happens too often, a program running in the background is probably stopping the shutdown process. You can try various fixes like closing any open apps, unplugging any peripherals, or forcing your computer to shut down.

But, we suggest visiting our computer repair technicians if these still all fail. They may conduct a nuclear option where they format your drive and reinstall MacOS. It can help solve other problems too, and you may even notice your Mac having more free space and running faster.

What are the Problems Our Mac Repairs Brisbane Northside Shop Can Fix?

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Liquid Damage

Accidentally spilled liquid on your MacBook? Don’t worry, we can undo it! Core Computers has all the parts and knowledge required to fix your computer. No matter what type of liquid it is, we’re up for the challenge!

Broken LCD

Mac LCDs are well-built and rarely stop working: unless liquid was spilled on it or physical damage was done. Oftentimes, you may accidentally hit or drop your MacBook or close it while an object is still lying on the keyboard. A small crack is all it takes to completely damage your Mac’s LCD.

Core Computers, as your leading Mac repairs Brisbane Northside shop, makes sure to only use brand new and full top LCD assemblies. We also try to keep all stocks available too, so we can service both newer and older models.

GPU Problems

Does your MacBook always crash, overheat, display vertical lines once open, or get stuck on a blue or grey screen? The problem might be with the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or the video card. Core Computers is equipped with all the parts and expertise necessary to have your Mac fixed as soon as possible.

Backlight Issues

Is the LCD too dim even if it’s on 100% brightness? Is there a blank screen but see something once you angle it at around 45 degrees? It’s probably a backlight issue.

As your Mac repairs Brisbane Northside shop, we at Core Computers can confidently say that backlight issues are 100% fixable no matter how bad they seem. With many years of experience, simply give us a call and we’ll have your problem fixed in no time!

No Power or Peripherals Stopped Working

The logic board, or your Mac’s motherboard, is very complex yet well-designed. It rarely stops working by itself but when it does, it’s usually caused by physical damage—but a faulty circuit transistor, capacitor, inductor, or IC can also be blamed.

Replacing the entire logic board can be very expensive. Bring your Mac to us, and our Mac repairs Brisbane Northside specialists will fix it for less than half the price!

OS Issues

The MacOS is known for its reliability and stability. Many users even say it’s one of the reasons they only buy Apple products in the first place! In case your MacOS won’t install or update, we can sort things out. We can just re-install your OS, while making sure all your data stay safe!

Battery Problems

MacBook refusing to charge or the battery dies way too quickly? Don’t worry! Core Computers keep batteries on hand most of the time so we can bring your laptop back to life, no matter what the model is.

Keyboard Issues

Our Mac repairs Brisbane Northside technicians must be the only ones replacing your Mac keyboard.

The latest and more recent MacBook models have a more complicated design that replacing the keyboard now needs some serious experience. A small mistake while attempting to remove the logic board to replace the keyboard can lead to your MacBook not turning on later.

Trackpad Problems

Here are four possible reasons why a trackpad stops working:

  1. Liquid accidentally spilled on it.
  2. Some heavy object landed on it.
  3. The battery below it has swollen too much that the pressure has caused it to crack or be unresponsive.
  4. It just decided to act up for some reason.

Whatever the reason is, Core Computers can fix it!

Why Choose Us for Your Mac Repairs Brisbane Northside Needs?

The internet is filled with tips and tricks on how to fix your Mac computer. But when all else fails, consulting an expert and letting them fix it is still the best way to have your expensive machine working as it did. We even suggest bringing your equipment to a technician as your first course of action to prevent further damage.

With over 35 years of experience, Core Computers knows Apple Mac computers and has seen almost all the issues that have pestered these machines. You can trust our team whatever issue you may have. Even if your problem isn’t on this list, bring your computer to us and we’re sure we can still help. Simply get in touch and contact us for your Mac repairs Brisbane Northside needs!