What Fix My Laptop Repairs Do We Offer?

Laptops are becoming more and more affordable every year. So when the time comes that your laptop calls for some extra service, you may be faced with the following question: should I repair it or just buy a new one? Some laptop repairs can be very expensive, which is why we understand if you’re wondering if repairing it is worth it or not. Laptop repairs are something we commonly face here at Core Computers. If you need your machine fixed, bring it to us and our team will do our best to identify the issue. In this post, we’ll list the reasons why you should go ahead with your fix my laptop repairs with us.

Should You Fix or Replace Your Laptop?

First, you have to do is identify what the actual problem is. The internet is your best friend here. Almost all laptop problems can be fixed by just a quick search. If that doesn’t help, what you can do now is turn to a friend or relative who knows a lot about technology. If this still fails, your last resort is to go to a computer shop and their IT professionals will diagnose it for you. You may spend some money but most computer repair shops will waive the fee if they end up repairing your laptop.

After determining the problem, assess if your fix my laptop repair is worth it or if you should just buy a new one. Consider the following factors:

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Repair Costs

As a general rule, don’t repair your laptop if fixing it costs more than one-third of buying a new laptop. But another way to look at it is if the new laptop will have better features than the old one. For example, will your new laptop be lighter, have more RAM, or have a better processor?

Age of Your Current Laptop

Repairing probably isn’t worth it if your laptop is more than five years old. If it’s between three to four years old, check the features and decide. However, your laptop is still a potential candidate for fix my laptop repairs if it’s less than two years old.

The Severity of the Problem

If something major like the motherboard is busted, repairs may not be a good decision. If it’s just a hard drive problem, maybe you can get away by spending a few hundred dollars. That’s why it’s crucial to diagnose the exact issue to get an estimate of how much you’re going to spend.


If your laptop is still under warranty, repairs are usually covered so you don’t need to worry. If it expired recently, some manufacturers can extend it either for free or a minimal fee. Just remember not to spend any money on repairs unless you’re 100% sure that your laptop is not under warranty anymore.

What Fix My Laptop Repairs Can We Provide?

Let’s say you decided to go the repair route. Here are the laptop services we currently offer:

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Laptop Power Issues

That small socket on your laptop where you connect the power cable is called the DC Jack. It’s very common for this to malfunction so don’t worry if yours did. Core Computers can fix it!

You’ll know you have to replace your DC Jack if the laptop won’t charge if you plug it in. Or, the Jack feels loose and you have to wiggle it around to make it come on. This is where we need to replace the DC Jack because every time you wiggle the connector, there’s a risk of breaking it and creating an electrical surge, which then leads to data loss.

Here at Core Computers, we make sure the connection between the board and the DC Jack is strong when we do fix my laptop repairs. This is a small issue some manufacturers often overlook, making the DC Jack and board break easily.

Laptop Liquid Damage

The first thing you have to do after spilling water on your laptop is to remove the battery and power cord if possible. Then, turn the laptop upside down so excess water can hopefully fall out of the keyboard. If it was just water that spilled on your machine, you can turn the laptop on after a few days and it will be fine.

However, bring it to us immediately if it was anything except water, like sugary drinks or alcohol. You need a fix my laptop repair as soon as possible because as the liquid dries, the remaining sugar inside will corrode the other components and therefore lead to more damage.

Slow Laptops

Your laptop will obviously run a little slower with time. But before you decide to replace it with a new one, why not bring it to Core Computers first to have it checked? Maybe with some upgrades, as well as a clean-out of redundant programs, our computer team can transform your old laptop into something just as fast as the new one in the market!

Laptop Screen Repairs

Cracked LCD? Dim or flickering laptop screen? Don’t worry: our fix my laptop repair team see these every day. We make sure to keep a stock of brand new laptop LCD screens so we can repair your laptop while you wait. Or perhaps we only need to make some adjustments to the cables and you’re good to go!

Laptop Keyboard Replacement or Repair

Missing keys? Keys keep popping off? Spilled anything on your laptop other than water? Maybe it’s time to replace the keyboard. We at Core Computers can replace the keyboard of any laptop brand, including Mac laptops.


Does your laptop work fine for a while but suddenly shuts down? Does the bottom also get very hot? Those are signs of overheating. Sure, there are fans inside your laptop to keep it cool but they get clogged up with dust over time. If your laptop gets too hot, it can cause irreparable damage to the chips and eventually, data loss.

Our job is to clean the internal fans to let air flow inside the laptop freely. We may refresh the thermal paste in the chips too, or the material that helps improve conductivity so the chips stay cool and work at full speed.

Why Should We Be Your Fix My Laptop Repair Shop?

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your laptop. While the final say is always yours, we encourage you to let IT specialists check it first—who knows, maybe your machine just needs a little boost to get it working as before.

This is where you can count on Core Computers. We deal with laptop problems almost every day and we can confidently say there’s nothing we can’t fix. If you’re having issues with your laptop, we can help you diagnose the problem, formulate a plan, and work on that plan with efficiency and professionalism. So what are you waiting for? Make Core Computers your fix my laptop repair shop today!