What Businesses Need IT Companies In Brisbane The Most?

Do you own a business? Then you’re probably working extra hard to ensure that your business has all the supplies it needs to achieve its strategic and operational goals. But you may be missing one crucial thing. Since most businesses today are done online, you’ll need the help of an IT company to give your business the boost it needs to succeed in your industry. For ten years, Core Computers has been helping small-scale businesses by providing them with the IT support they need to reach their goals. Confused whether or not your business needs IT support? Keep on reading to find out if your business needs one and why you should work with us among the other IT companies in Brisbane.

Does Your Business Require the Help of IT Companies to Succeed?

If you think working with an IT company is only for large-scale enterprises, think again. Now that Information Technology is all-over the business scene, hiring an IT company is a need and no longer a necessity.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get things straight:

IT companies in Brisbane

Do You Have In-House IT Expertise?

If none, then your business will certainly benefit from having IT support. Here’s why:

Let’s say you have a dedicated IT person, or the one you run to when there are issues with your site or network. However, are they readily available when you call them, or do you have to adjust to their schedule? Can they resolve the problem immediately, or do you have to wait for days? Are they updated with the latest technologies and have they created an IT infrastructure for your business? Start looking at IT companies in Brisbane if any of the answers seem unsettling.

We at Core Computers are experts when it comes to providing IT support and solving network-related problems. We’re a team of highly-trained professionals who work with and for you to help you achieve your business goals.

Does Cybersecurity Concern You?

Businesses that are done using information technology come with many threats like spamming, phishing, financial frauds, and more. This is why cybersecurity is a hot topic in today’s world.

The businesses that are prone and have the most to lose in cyber attacks include the healthcare industry, financial sectors, and law firms. This is why they invest in different resources so they can bounce back after a major attack. But does it mean your business is exempted just because it’s outside these sectors? These big enterprises can shoulder revenue losses, but can you?

As one of the leading IT companies in Brisbane, we make sure to build a secure IT infrastructure and see to it that recovery processes are in place. So if ever you encounter a failure or an attack, you can manage the problem and be back online easily.

Do You Plan on Expanding?

Once your business starts to grow, your IT management requirements and staff dependencies will also grow. These require you to scale your existing IT system, but how can you do it effectively while still sticking to your budget?

Quick answer: hire an IT company. We’ll conduct an IT assessment to help you understand and anticipate how much your business will depend on IT today and in the future. We’ll also help you determine how, what, and when to scale, how to stay within your budget, and the problems you may face during the process.

What Services Can IT Companies in Brisbane Offer?

You can rely on Core Computers to provide your business with the support it needs. Here are the services we can offer:

IT companies in Brisbane

Network Installation

Your business can perform day-to-day operations faster and more efficiently with the proper hardware and software. We’ll even help set up your business email to increase your business readiness and overall productivity!

Onsite and Offsite Maintenance and Support

Our IT support doesn’t just end after building a network. We’ll provide you with ongoing support so in case you encounter any problem, your network won’t be down for too long and you won’t lose a lot of business.

 VoIP Installation

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, lets you call someone via the internet instead of a regular phone line. IT companies in Brisbane recommend using this because of its numerous advantages such as bigger potential savings, added accessibility and flexibility, and better call quality.

Employee Training

Network installation and hardware upgrades can be overwhelming, especially if your employees aren’t used to IT jargon. Core Computers is here to help your employees by providing comprehensive yet user-friendly IT training.

Security Cameras

We can provide you with security cameras. This is to prevent theft caused by your customers or employees.

Upgrades and Desktop Support

Business IT trends change over time and so will your server needs. Core Computers is here to supply you with the upgrades and support you need when you need them.

Why Choose Us Over Other IT Companies in Brisbane?

An IT support team can give your business the foundation it needs to make it successful and last long. With the right company, it can lead to your business’ growth and increase the productivity of your employees and the entire operation.

Here at Core Computers, we’re committed to helping you and your business achieve success. We make sure to listen closely to your vision to deliver the results you truly want. Using only the latest business IT strategies, we can help you develop easy yet effective plans to minimize expenses, expand your business, and improve your current market status.

Sounds good? Then start working with one of the best IT companies in Brisbane today!