Why Would You Need A Laptop Memory Brisbane Upgrade?

More memory is an easy cure for a slow laptop. Upgrading your laptop’s memory is an easy and cost-effective way to improve your system’s performance, helping it run faster and smoother. With greater memory, programs can load faster, data-intensive applications can run easily, and your laptop can multitask effortlessly. A memory upgrade is a lot cheaper than buying a new laptop, too! But how do you know how much memory you have and what are the signs that you need a system upgrade? How much RAM does your laptop need and why would you need more RAM in the future? Continue reading to find out more about laptop memory Brisbane.

What is RAM and How Does it Work?

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RAM, or Random Access Memory, lets your computer store data short-term for quicker access. It works by loading your document or program from the storage disk to the memory, then accesses every piece of information from the memory. Since there are a lot of operations that depend on memory, the size of your RAM plays an important role in the speed of your system.

To access and use data, your RAM works alongside the system’s processor and storage drive (either hard drive or solid state drive.) Say you want to make edits on a spreadsheet—here’s how a laptop memory Brisbane works:

  1. The storage drive contains all your files and programs.
  2. The processor transfers the program’s data from the storage drive to the memory for quick and short-term access.
  3. The data is then accessed by the processor from the memory, which acts like the laptop’s bank of available workspace.

Here are the two main types of RAM:

Dynamic RAM

Also known as DRAM. This type of RAM has a separate capacitor to allow you to store every bit of data within a specific integrated circuit. DRAM is a standard computer memory of most modern computers.

Static RAM

Also referred to as SRAM, this laptop memory Brisbane stores data using a six-transistor memory cell. It’s also usually used as a cache memory for CPUs.

Has higher access time, making it slower compared to SRAM. Has lower access time, which means it’s faster compared to DRAM.
Has a high packaging density. Has a low packaging density.
Consumes lesser power since the information is stored in a capacitor. Uses more power because it requires a constant power supply.
Has a small and relatively simple internal circuitry. Has a complex internal circuitry and provides lesser storage space compared to a DRAM of the same physical size.
Is cheaper compared to SRAM. Is more expensive than DRAM.

How Much Laptop Memory Brisbane Do You Need?

To answer this, let’s first check how much RAM you currently have:

Using the DXDIAG Information Window

  1. Open the power user menu by pressing Windows + X.
  2. Choose Run.
  3. Type dxdiag and press enter.
  4. When a prompt appears, click on yes.
  5. The number that appears under the Memory heading is the RAM currently installed.

Using System Information

  1. Open the power user menu by pressing Windows + X.
  2. Choose System.
  3. Look for System and the number listed under Installed Memory (RAM) is your RAM.

Opening the Case

This should only be your last resort when checking your laptop memory Brisbane. You must be tech-savvy and understand how your laptop is put together too, because aside from taking your laptop apart without damaging any of the parts, you also have to know how to reassemble it correctly.

Once your laptop case is open, remove the memory module from the motherboard. It should display the type of RAM module, the number of GB of RAM, and the speed.

Now, determine what type of computer user you are. Computer users can be classified into:

Casual User

This type of user uses their computer for internet browsing, answering emails, streaming videos, or listening to music. A 4GB laptop memory Brisbane may be enough for these users.

Intermediate User

These users use their computer for email, browsing, running simple graphics and programs, streaming videos and music, or multitasking. A RAM of at least 8GB is recommended.

Gamer/Graphic Designer/Professional User

This is where computers are used for multimedia editing, gaming, graphic designing or 3D modeling, or intensive multitasking. A minimum of 32GB RAM is required.

Operating System Minimum Requirements What We Recommend
Windows 7 32-bit 1GB 3GB
Windows 8 32-bit 1GB 3GB
Windows 10 32-bit 1GB 3GB
Windows 7 64-bit 2GB 8GB
Windows 8 64-bit 2GB 8GB
Windows 10 64-bit 2GB 8GB
Mac X El Sierra 4GB 8GB
Mac X El Capitan 2GB 8GB
Mac X Yosemite 2GB 8GB
Mac X El Mavericks 2GB 8GB
Mac X High Sierra 2GB 8GB
Mac X Mojave 2GB 8GB


On the other hand, here are the minimum laptop memory Brisbane requirements for design and photo software. These require a huge amount of RAM so they can run smoothly and respond to various graphical processes efficiently. Going low on RAM will only result in you watching a lot of progress bars and wasting time.

Software Minimum Requirements What We Recommend
Adobe InDesign 2GB 16GB
Adobe Illustrator 1GB 16GB
Adobe Photoshop 2GB 32GB
Adobe Premiere Pro 8GB 32GB
Adobe After Effects 4GB 64GB


So as you can see, any design software is generally memory-hungry. That’s why we suggest going above the minimum system requirements to allow you to multitask easily.

Signs that You Need a Laptop Memory Brisbane Upgrade

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A lack of RAM is the culprit if your computer constantly freezes, stops responding, or crashes. Come and visit Core Computers today for a memory upgrade if you experience any of these:

  • You’re faced with sub-par or poor performance when doing everyday tasks.
  • Programs always stop responding.
  • You need to wait for your computer to catch-up when typing.
  • There’s a delay in response when you click or select an icon.
  • It’s nearly impossible to multitask with more than two programs or apps.
  • System updates take a toll on productivity since your computer is very slow.
  • The system stops responding every time you open programs or apps.

Core Computers: Your One-Stop-Shop for Your Laptop Memory Brisbane Upgrades

Updating to a new OS (operating system) or installing a newer version of a software requires a higher memory than its predecessors. Similarly, new hardware such as video cards, storage, and even the processor needs enough memory so they can perform the way they’re supposed to.

The Core Computers team is here to help with all your system upgrade needs. Simply visit our shop or schedule an appointment with us so we can transform your old and slow computer into a new and efficient one. If you’re getting frustrated with your computer and planning to buy a new one, come to us first and we’ll see what we can do. Who knows? Maybe a laptop memory Brisbane upgrade is all you need!