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A stable internet connection is one of the most crucial parts of business IT. After setting up your computer, the next thing you have to do is to have a reliable internet service provider so you can send and receive emails, browse the web, and more. You’ll also want to consider setting up a wireless network, or Wi-Fi, so you can connect multiple devices to the internet all at once. Setting up your internet can be a complex task and you’ll need the help of professionals to get it done. Need someone to set up your home or business network? Then contact an internet technician Brisbane today to help get you started.

What are the Types of Internet Service?

The type of service you choose depends on which internet service providers (ISPs) are available in your area and the types of services they offer. Here are the most common types of internet service:


This option uses your phone line to connect to the internet. So unless you have several phone lines, you can’t use your landline and connect to the internet at the same time.

This is perhaps the slowest type of internet connection. We suggest avoiding dial-ups, unless they’re the only choice you have.


An internet technician Brisbane would recommend this option. It uses a broadband connection, which is a lot faster than dial-ups.

While DSL connects to the internet via a phone line, it doesn’t mean you should have a landline. And unlike dial-ups, you can still connect to the internet and use the landline at the same time.


This service connects to the internet through cable TV, although you don’t necessarily need to have cable TV to get it.

It uses a broadband connection and can be faster than dial-ups and DSL service. But, it’s only available where a cable TV line is present.


Your internet technician Brisbane should inform you that this service is the trickiest and most difficult to communicate with.

It uses a broadband connection too, but doesn’t require phone or cable lines. It connects to the internet via the satellites that orbit the Earth, meaning it can be used in any part of the world.

But as mentioned, it’s tricky to work with since the connections depend on the current weather status. Satellite connections are generally slower than cable and DSL as well.

Power Line

This service uses a broadband connection and works by using telephone wiring and electrical cables in your house to connect to the internet. Your internet technician Brisbane will install a special BPL (broadband-over-power line) modem, plug that into your computer, and your broadband will be ready in no time.

Moreover, BPL can also be used with traditional cable broadband to make all the rooms in your house internet-ready. Just plug the Ethernet lead from the traditional modem and into a special adapter that fits into any power outlet. And boom! That space is already internet-ready.

Let’s say you want to use broadband in another room. Simply plug another Ethernet adapter in that room, plug your computer in the same power outlet where you plugged the adapter, and your internet technician Brisbane is done! In-house BPL, as what this system is called, is helpful especially if your house has thick walls that make wireless internet impossible.

3G and 4G

These services are normally used with mobile phones, and they connect wirelessly using your ISP’s network. However, 3G and 4G aren’t always as fast as cable or DSL connections.

Once you’ve chosen what type of internet service to use, it’s time to pick a provider. If you don’t know where to start, you can ask your family, friends, and neighbor’s advice on which provider is best in your area.

Internet service providers offer packages with different speeds, measured in Mbps (megabytes per second.) A slower connection (2-5 Mbps) may be enough for general internet browsing, but go for higher speeds (5 Mbps and up) for heavier usage.

Why Core Computers Should be Your Internet Technician Brisbane

Our Team has had extensive experience with many types of computers from the days of DOS, Windows 3.11, and Novell Networks. So getting your Windows or Mac network solution running the way you need it to is something we are good at.

The simple things that other technicians may have missed are the first things we look at. Whether it’s Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10, or Mac OS 9 or 10, we know them all.

We don’t charge a call-out fee for end-users or businesses located in McDowall, Bridgeman Downs, Brendale, Albany Creek, Eatons Hill, Warner, or Cashmere. If you need an internet technician Brisbane but are a little further away, it’s no problem: we will work with you to deliver the best service possible and keep the cost as affordable as we can.

We only use the best products for technology and not always can one manufacturer offer the best item. But we know what works and that’s what we recommend.

Do you need Ethernet over Power, unified wireless, or just a higher-powered wireless modem? Bring in a sketch or a plan of your office or home, or the house you’re about to build, and we can advise on the best solution available for your needs. Call and make us your internet technician Brisbane today!

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