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gaming PC Brisbane

Gaming computers, gaming rigs, or gaming PCs are personal computers that are specifically designed for playing high-graphic games. This is why they require higher amounts of computing power, which you can get by buying extra components from your computer store including high-core count CPUs, high levels of RAM, and powerful graphic cards. These additional features aren’t necessary for a regular day-to-day computer. Meanwhile, regular computers are the ones you use for everyday tasks such as typing, answering emails, browsing, streaming, etc. Their internal features don’t require as much power as those of gaming computers. In this post, we’ll further explain what differentiates a regular computer from a gaming PC Brisbane.

What is a Gaming Computer?

A gaming computer can be divided into two categories:

Gaming Desktops

These desktops are often customized to increase performance when playing modern computer games.

Besides the higher graphics, what sets gaming computers apart from regular computers is their video processing power. The former have video cards that come with their own dedicated RAM, a cooling system, and a GPU, while the latter normally uses an onboard graphics controller.

Sound, video, and network cards are some of the commonly-used hardware in normal desktop computers that received an upgrade. This development was the result of a higher demand for high-performance gaming PC Brisbane.

Gaming Laptops

On the other hand, gaming laptops are built primarily for playing computer games. Compared to traditional laptops, they come with a higher-end graphics card that isn’t designed to help save battery power. One of the most popular brands of gaming laptops today is the Alienware laptop. It is owned and made by the Dell Corporation.

But, their limited space and the heat generated by higher-end video processors and cards make gaming laptops inferior to desktop gaming PCs. That’s why buying gaming laptops is only ideal if you visit LAN parties frequently or if you need a machine that’s easy to transport.

Gaming PC Brisbane and Regular Computer: The Key Differences

Gaming Computers Have Better GPU/Graphics Card

A gaming computer must process high-quality HD graphics real-time without molding of images or any stutters. This can be achieved by using a powerful graphics card.

While some regular computers have GPUs, these aren’t as powerful as those in gaming rigs, and graphics are displayed flawlessly on the screens because of these tools. AMD technologies and Nvidia are two of the most popular PU (processing unit) makers.

Gaming Computers Have Better Audio

All computer games try to make their sounds as rich and realistic as possible. Therefore, a gaming PC Brisbane must be able to produce these sounds as they’re intended to.

The audio plays a crucial role in transporting a player into the virtual world. This is why gaming PCs have better speakers than regular computers because audio quality can’t be compromised. This, coupled with high-end graphics, can take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Gaming Computers Have Better Processors and Higher RAM

CPUs have core processors that allow them to process information on a computer. You’ve probably seen laptops branded i5, i7, or i9, and these all refer to the CPU processors. A higher number means a better and faster CPU. A gaming PC Brisbane should have at least a core i5 processor and it’s also more ideal to buy a quad- or hexa-core processor when choosing gaming laptops.

Regular computers have an average of 4 GB RAM, which is enough to run basic and daily tasks. Meanwhile, the minimum for gaming PCs is 8 GB although most usually come with 16 GB RAM. This is because they have to handle more data in the form of audio, graphics, and memory. All these must be supported all at once and this is why they have a lot of RAM.

Gaming Computers Have Liquid Cooling Tubes

A gaming PC Brisbane, especially a high-end one, has liquid cooling tubes that would be insane if found in a traditional computer. More heat will be generated by the system the more powerful a computer is. This is why you can find a liquid coolant mostly in very powerful CPUs to help cool them, the GPU, and the processor down. Regular computers do heat up, but you’ll rarely find one with a liquid coolant.

Gaming Computers Have Longer Battery Life

A longer battery life applies to gaming laptops as well, which have a longer life compared to regular laptops. A game can last for hours on end, which is why a gaming PC Brisbane should last up to ten hours even without charging.

Gaming Computers Have Better Display

Nice graphics and smooth frame rates don’t mean anything if the display is crappy. This is why all gaming computers have crisp and rich displays.

Display quality can be divided into the following factors:

  • Resolution – resolution means how many frames there are in a pixel. Gaming laptops have a minimum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, and anything lower means a poor display. Higher quality displays have 2560 x 1440, which is also called 2k, and some even have 4k or a 3840 x 2160 display.
  • Touch screen – this feature isn’t really necessary in a gaming PC Brisbane. On the other hand, some gaming laptops are starting to embrace this technology.
  • Glossy or matte – a glossy display is shiny and known for displaying colors better and making them more vibrant. But, the shiny surface tends to create an annoying glare that may damage the eyes in the long run. Meanwhile, matte displays have no glares or reflections but tend to wash out details and colors.
  • OLED – these displays can correct the problems of glossy and matte displays. They have thin, power-saving screens while still producing rich color and contrast to images. An example of a gaming laptop that uses this technology is the Alienware 13 R3.

Gaming PC Brisbane Conclusion

These factors all contribute to what makes a gaming PC a good device, not to mention very expensive. However, costs may not be your priority if you’re a serious gamer who’s looking for a gaming experience that’s out of this world. On the other hand, you don’t need such high specs if you’re really not into gaming and just want a standard working computer.

Hopefully, this article has shown you and helped you better understand the major differences between a gaming and regular PC/laptop. Need help putting up a computer that will upgrade your gaming experience? Then make Core Computers your trusted gaming PC Brisbane shop!

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