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At Core Computers we work with Major Manufacturers to Provide the best Server for the Money. We have access to Most brands but use and Recommend Either HP, Fujitsu or Lenovo Servers depending on your Budget.

Nathan has been building servers for more than 19 years and has extensive knowledge on Configuring them for you. Built some installed at Gold Coast,Gatton,Dalby Shire Councils, And worked for the Service company to keep them up and running.
Supplied Dentists, Legal Firms & Accountants, So what ever you need Let us know.

Because of the quality of the servers we sell some customers choose not to have a maintenance plan. This is the Most economical Option, however to make sure that your backups are running, your Server has the latest updates and get’s a reboot outside of normal business hours is always recommended.

We can offer a Maintenance contract if you like piece of mind and Regular upkeep from as little as $240 per month.

Some Customers prefer the on call option, If we sell it we will drop tools to get there as fast as we can to get you running ASAP.

Call us to compare what you have to what you need or just get a second opinion.

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