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Our Team has had extensive experience from the Day’s of DOS & Windows 3.11 and Novell Networks. So getting your windows network running and optimized give us a call. So many Simple things other technician’s have missed that is the first thing we look at when it comes to your network. if it’s Windows 95,98,me,nt,xp,2000,Vista,7,8,8.1 or Windows 10…. We know them all.

Is it Power Over Ethernet or Ethernet over Power you need? We’ve worked with both and understand the Limitations of them.

Wireless technology (WLAN) has been around for almost 10 Years. Starting off at 11mbps and now available of speeds greater than 900Mbps. Being more of an Art than a Technology we know a lot of the issues arising from the “installation environment”

We only use the Best products for the technology and not always can 1 manufacturer offer the best item. But we know what works and that’s what we recommend.

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