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Core Computers uses a number of programs for data recovery. Depending on the drives condition we may or may not be able to assist. If the drive is functioning and isn’t making abnormal sounds then there is a chance we can help. Including deleted files, lost or damaged partitions, RAID volumes, camera/flash cards… almost anything! Boomerang is the result of years or research and refinement and is the best choice for getting your data back quickly and affordably. our software supports FAT & NTFS * Apple OS volumes all in a single product, all the way up to Windows 10 & Mac Sierra.

From photos and pictures, USB, HDD, Flash memory cards…  you never know how far back our software can recover from.

Some external drives have different reasons for not working. Best to bring it in.

If your hard drive has unusual noises like the sounds of someone tapping a glass with a spoon we have data recovery specialists that we recommend to get your data back.

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