What Services Does Our Laptop Screen Repairs Brisbane Shop Offer?

Unless you’re a gamer, you probably own a laptop computer and not a desktop. Laptops have dominated the world of personal computers because while they can be just as powerful as desktops, they have the added benefit of portability as well. And since they’re portable, this also means they’re more prone to screen damages. Repairing a broken laptop screen is one of the most common jobs we face here at Core Computers. You’ll probably come to us thinking you need your broken laptop screen fixed—but are you sure it’s really “broken”? Keep on reading this post to find out how to tell if your laptop screen is broken and why you should call Core Computers for your laptop screen repairs Brisbane needs.

How Do You Know If Your Laptop Screen is Broken?

Replacing a broken laptop screen is one of the most common reasons customers come to our shop. They know a broken screen very well because they know how it got damaged and it shows a sign of physical damage like a crack. But what if it just won’t work properly or show any display? Is it still broken?

laptop screen repairs Brisbane


A broken screen should show signs of physical damage to be called broken. Physical damage can include a broken glass or ink spots on the display. In most cases, you can also damage the screen by closing/opening the lid from one corner, or the lid had an impact while the laptop was closed.

As a laptop screen repairs Brisbane shop, we at Core Computers make sure to stock a wide range of laptop screens to service both newer and older laptop models, and for on-the-spot repairs. In case we don’t have the laptop screen size you’re looking for, we know who to contact so we can assist you immediately.


Meanwhile, a defective screen doesn’t show physical signs of damage but it won’t work properly or not at all. For instance, you may experience distorted colors or images, resolution lines, pixelation, backlight issues, or even a blank screen. What you need to do now is to try connecting your laptop to a TV or an external monitor using an HDMI or VGA cable, or even wirelessly.

If the same problem persists, our laptop screen repairs Brisbane technicians will fix your laptop’s multi-lane data cable. This cable connects your laptop to the motherboard, which allows it to receive and display videos as images. If the said cable loosens or becomes damaged, signals may get interrupted and result in the problems we mentioned.

However, if the external monitor still displays the same problems like the laptop’s screen, this can mean a software or hardware issue. Visit Core Computers right away to have this issue resolved.


This is usually caused by some fluctuations in the weather. Swelling is a more common problem in newer models. Like defective screens, a swollen screen has no signs of physical damage but shows resolution problems, has backlight issues, or discoloration.

Common Issues Our Laptop Screen Repairs Brisbane Shop Can Fix

Now that you know the difference between broken and defective screens, here are the laptop screen issues we usually fix:

laptop screen repairs Brisbane

Cracked Screen

This laptop screen issue is both the most obvious and easiest one to solve. Whether the screen cracked or smashed into pieces, the answer remains the same: you need to replace your LCD. And LCD repairs aren’t as expensive as you think! Simply come to our shop or give us a call and our experienced technicians can replace it in less than half an hour.

Horizontal or Vertical Lines

Horizontal or vertical lines on your screen are so annoying: sometimes, they can even make the text unreadable! Our expert laptop screen repairs Brisbane team will check either your graphics card or video cable. Oftentimes, one of them needs to be replaced so your laptop screen goes back to normal. But if you’re lucky enough, the cable may just be loose and we only need to tighten it!

Blank Screen

Blank laptop screens can be more frustrating since it’s more difficult to determine the source of the problem. But if you can hear that the laptop actually turned on, the problem is probably a defective LID microswitch, which we can easily replace.

Distorted Images

These can be caused either by defective components or a loose connection. But our computer technicians may also look at your operating system, because it can be the culprit as well.

Why Choose Core Computers as Your Laptop Screen Repairs Brisbane Shop?

A broken or defective laptop screen is very frustrating, especially if you use your laptop for office or schoolwork. That’s why you need a laptop screen repair shop that’s experienced, reliable, and trustworthy.

At Core Computers, we take laptop screen repairs very seriously. We take our time assessing the problem, give an honest quote, and let you decide if our repairs are an economical choice or not. Our goal is to finish laptop screen repairs and replacements within 24 hours. We offer onsite services, too! So if you can’t visit our shop but need our services, you can count on our laptop screen repairs Brisbane team to come to you if you’re in the Brisbane or Brisbane Northside areas.